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A Spiritual Touch

Reiki is  LOVE

LOVE is Wholeness

Wholeness is Balance

Balance is Well-being

Well-being is freedom from disease

Dr. Mikao Usui        

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique to bring our bodies and mind to a receptive state, so we can bring a flow of life force energy to clear what is not ours.  Reiki is a wonderful way to drop off negative energy and renew with LIGHT! 


A Spiritual Touch is a Sacred Space for Healing on this Journey of Life. A place for the community to grow and gather to raise the Vibration of Humanity.

Jennifer L. Brown is an ordained Spiritual Muse & Usui Holy Fire® III Karuna® Reiki Master Teacher. Holding Space through Reiki, meditations, ceremonies, classes, retreats, fairs, and Angel Card Readings. We are All One Love.

Be the Change you want to see in the World, Create the life you want to Love!

Fall in Love Everyday

Jennifer L. Brown loves to share reiki and bring the community together so we can raise the vibration for healing All. Jennifer believes through healing ourselves we also heal each other and in return Heal the Future!


Reiki Appointments

This a perfect way to relax and BE.  In these 30, 60, and 90 minute session I will place my hands on or around you, where it needed to bring you to a relaxing receptive state of mind. In this state you will be more open to release tension, stress and worry so you can  fill you body with pure LOVE of the Holy Fire Reiki!


Holy Fire Reiki Classes

Holy Fire Reiki is a wonderful way to bring relaxing


Angel Card Reading

That time when you would like guidance or reassurance on your healing journey, this is a great service to compliment any part of life's questions. Jennifer connects to Divine to bring answers and guidance especially for you through cards you choose. 


Events on Facebook

Are you looking for a Tribe to Vibe with, a sacred space to experience healing or new ways to find healing? We have events every week for gatherings and meditation!! Check us out on Facebook

What our customers are saying

Amazing energy radiates from A Spiritual Touch. The minute you walk into the building you can feel it. I highly encourage anyone and everyone to visit and experience the love and healing that is offered here.

Stacey Proctor LE

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